Managed Services

Our Managed Services teams give you time back so you can sell more, faster.

Our seasoned professionals dig in and take full responsibility and leadership for projects, programs, or specific business functions to enable greater revenue throughout your business. Team members quickly immerse themselves, engage across organizations, and work toward your goals so you can focus on your core strategy and results. View our case studies.

Managed Services include:

Revenue Attainment
Do you miss out on sales because of changing requirements? Or perhaps you need more time to focus on your core business. Our customized project teams can support you with:

Adoption & Change Management
Change is hard. We can assist your sales team to ensure speedy and successful adoption of new work processes, tools, or systems, manage the incubation period of new technology solutions, and achieve your transformation goals.

Partner Services
Share in your partners’ success. Our teams offer all of our managed services to help your resellers and partners to become self-sufficient, drive adoption of new tools and processes, and exceed sales targets (related case study).

Business Intelligence & Analytics
If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. We track data and run analytics as a managed service for sales, marketing, and operations teams to monitor trends, measure results against key performance indicators, and analyze financials. We’ll turn your data into useful information, with the insights and predictive indicators you need to drive results.

Well-trained staff can make or break a project’s success. We offer managed services to train and prepare staff for systems modifications, software introductions, and new tools. Choose from on-premise, remote, and computer-based training solutions to speed the learning curve and enable the best possible results.

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