About Us

About Us

As an IT Executive in 1998, Don Peed was fed up with the multitude of staffing companies he had to deal with. They did not understand his requirements and provided little value beyond brokering resources. He was wasting time educating and watching over inexperienced contractors, often having to re-do their work.

Realizing there was a gap in the market for a solutions approach to provide true value in providing and managing contingent workers, Don decided to set up a company that made it easy to hire efficient and affordable workers in the tech industry.

Techworkers was born.

Over the years, Techworkers has developed into a business that provides three offerings – Staffing Solutions, Managed Services and Contingent Workforce Management that focus on resource augmentation, program and project delivery and enterprise-oriented staffing solutions.

Our account managers have 10-15 years experience in management roles within their specific expertise.

We understand you’re a business professional who’s short on time and we make it our job – as business professionals ourselves – to seamlessly provide you with customized solutions for your contingent workforce needs.

Meet Our Executive Team

Don Peed

CEO & Founder

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Steve Powers

VP Resource Solutions

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H.B. Drake

VP Managed Services

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Rob Olsen

VP Marketing & Development

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